Dog House 75x59x66 cm in different colours []


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size 87 x 72 x 75,5 cm
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Dog Kennel - Dog House

This dog kennel by []® brand provides a perfect living space for your dog.

Exquisitely produced plastic dog house, for both outdoor and indoor usage.
The advantage of plastic kennel compared to a wooden kennel, that the fleas and mites don't like plastic surfaces.

If it's necessary, you can easily wash the kennel in few seconds with a garden hose.
All this is an optimal solution for allergic dogs, which react to house dust or have a weak immune system.
For good ventilation there are many vents, overheating in the kennel on hot summer days can thus be avoided.

Kennels are not supposed to be too big, because the dog is making warmness with his own bodyheat inside the kennel. If the house is too big, it can easily happen that the dog will be cold. On the other hand, we have to assure good ventilation in the kennel. In hot days, use some of many ventilation vents.


87 x 72 x 75,5 cm




grey / black

Scope of delivery:

1 x Dog Kennel

Product by []® brand.