Puppy Run 125x85x70 cm Steel Silver [pro.tec]


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Puppy run

The hutch is the ideal enclosure for small animals, such as puppies, rodents and rabbits. It is versatile and can be used as an outdoor enclosure, room divider or barrier.

Product details:

- Practical puppy run with raised door
- Ideal for keeping small animals indoors, on the terrace or in your garden
- Individual parts can also be used as a room divider or barrier
- High level of safety thanks to double locking
- Easy and quick assembly and disassembly
- No sharp edges
- Consisting of 4 grid elements incl. 1 door element
- Elements are simply connected to each other by connecting rods




- Total (LxWxH): 125 x 85 x 70 cm
- Door (HxW): 55 x 52,5 cm
- Entry height: 16 cm



Scope of delivery:

1 x puppy run

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